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My TEACHING process.




I teach online, and while I prefer Skype, we can use another conferencing application such as Zoom, Teams, or Google Meet, if you prefer. Usually, it’s good to have a short meeting to say hi, explain how it works, and answer any questions you have.


If you’re applying to college, the first big decision is which test to take, the SAT or ACT. Sometimes we can make a decision after I describe the differences between the tests, and sometimes we schedule a practice SAT, ACT, or both to see what the easier path will be. 

Once we know which test you’re taking, we figure out a test date that makes sense. Usually, I recommend carving out 1-3 months of focused prep, depending on what your needs are. Stretching it out much longer than that can be tough for people with busy schedules.

It’s also better to try to find time when a larger commitment is possible instead of doing a tiny bit over a long period of time. Get it over with and move on to other parts of life, I say.

Our sessions depend on your needs. Sometimes we review your results, figuring out what happened and what you can learn from them. Sometimes we work on specific content areas that need shoring up. And sometimes we walk through problems together so that I can see in real time what’s working and what isn’t. It’s all about you. 

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