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results and testimonials

Together, we work out ambitious, but reasonable, scoring goals. These goals depend on where we start, what you’re willing to put in, and how much time we have. To get a sense of the results my students have achieved, check out this list of testimonials. I’d love to add your story to this list!


"Extremely knowledgable, effective, and caring"

“Good to Great!” My son benefited from the guidance of Ben and achieved a perfect score 36 in his ACT, not just the overall score but 36 in each section.

Ben is an extremely knowledgeable, effective and caring tutor. Not only are the lessons very helpful after completing the practice tests, he is actually fun to work with, a welcomed add-on during a stressful period. My son enjoyed the sessions very much.

Highly recommended!

-- DS. 

"Experienced, thorough, and willing to help"

Ben is so flexible and diligent with his tutoring. My ACT improved by 5 points! Don't waste your time sitting in a crowded class when you can get individual help and practice from someone who's experienced, thorough, and willing to help. Standardized testing is a difficult time in every student's life, and I'm so glad I chose Ben Paris!




Note: [G scored over the 90th percentile and is going to UCLA.]

"Candid and humorous"

Preparing for the SAT and ACT is no doubt a grueling process for students.  However upon first meeting Ben, we could tell that Ben was the perfect person to assist our son.  Ben not only has many years of experience with both exams, and therefore knows the ins and outs, but more importantly, he acted as a teammate to our son in studying for the exams.  Ben spoke to our son in a candid and often humorous fashion which made the hours of study less dreadful.  Ben’s assistance no doubt had a positive effect on our son’s performance on both exams.




[Note: J’s son scored in the 90th+ percentile on the SAT and ACT.]

"great positive attitude and really knowledgable"

Ben is an amazing tutor! In just one session of tutoring, he can go over practice tests, teach you helpful test strategies and explain wrong answers. One thing I found very helpful was that Ben is great at finding patterns of missed answer and then helps to work on that specific topic which brings your score up a lot! He has a great positive attitude and is really knowledgeable about all the sections and material within them. I am very happy at how much I brought my score up! For example, I brought my reading score up from a 24 to a 30 with Ben's help. I am very happy with my score which was all made possible by Ben's tutoring.



"explained how to get into the heads of the testmakers"

Ben gave me techniques for solving different problems and recommended practice tests to take. He went over my answers with me and explained what I did wrong, how I could have gotten the problems right, and how to apply the logic to similar questions in the future. He explained how to get into the head of the testmakers to figure out what the questions are really asking. 

I got the score I needed on the SATs to get into my top university choices.  


[Note: A got a 1590 on her SAT and has been accepted to Princeton and Penn.]


"Perfect Section"

Ben helped me turn my weakest starting section into a perfect section on LSAT test day. His sessions were well-tailored, focused, and incredibly helpful. Thank you Ben for your guidance throughout the studying process and unwavering confidence in my abilities! I couldn't be happier with my score. 


-H  [LSAT 173]

"I wish I could have used Ben from the beginning"

I came to Ben after already studying on my own and with another tutor for the LSAT.  While my other tutor was helpful, I wish I could have used Ben from the beginning.  He helped me focus in on the areas where I needed improvement and where I could make big point improvements in a short amount of time.  He spent the time to really prepare for each of our sessions and my specific needs by reviewing my work ahead of time (something many tutors do not take the time to do!).  He is also just a genuinely good guy, which made studying more enjoyable.  I have already referred friends to him and will continue to do so in the future!



163 to 170 on the LSAT in two weeks

Ben was such a lifesaver when it came to the LSAT. I contacted him just 2 weeks before my exam date and was able to go from averaging a 163 on practice tests to a 170 on the official exam. Ben was very helpful when it came to diagnosing what I needed the most work on and focusing solely in those areas without wasting any time. He was also a great help when it came to boosting my general confidence, since practice questions/tests can sometimes do the opposite. I would highly recommend Ben to any future test-takers I meet who feel a little lost and need an extra boost before taking the LSAT.



"my score increased 


I am so thankful I was able to work with Ben to prepare for my LSAT. He helped me focus on the areas where I needed the most improvement and my scores increased significantly as a result of our work together. Beyond Ben's awesome tips and strategies for each section of the test, his genuine support and confidence in my abilities fostered a really positive LSAT experience for me and I was able to reach my goal score after taking the test just once. I highly recommend him to everyone!!  



"knows everything there is to know about 

conquering the LSAT"


"Ben's tutoring helped me go from two scores in the upper 160's to a 178! He's always friendly, reliable, and professional, and he knows everything there is to know about conquering the LSAT. Whenever I was confused about a particular question, he was able to explain why the right answer was right and the wrong answers were wrong, as well as provide helpful hints for how to approach that question type in the future. He also gave me plenty of excellent advice on how to modify my study plan to suit my needs and goals. I would highly recommend Ben to anyone looking to improve their LSAT score."



By the Numbers


Hey Ben,


I am thrilled to say I got a 36 on the ACT a week ago!!! I got:

Writing - 36

Math - 35

Reading - 36

Science - 36


Which is really surprising considering I usually do best in math, but I'm still ecstatic about my score.


I also wanted to thank you, Ben, for helping me so much with these tests. Despite you denying it, it really is because of you that I did so well, and so I'm very grateful to you. You have no idea how much this means to me. Thank you for all you've done for me!


It was fantastic to work with Ben Paris. In just 2 weeks he brought my ACT score from a 24 to a 29. I never knew that there was a specific way to study for the ACT. It feels good to finally declare victory!



26 to a 31

Wow wow wow yeah I think I'm done with ACT. I'm so excited. Thank you so much for your help. This would have been absolutely impossible without you chasing me and giving me such amazing advice. Thank you.



[Note: in under 8 hours of work with me, she went from a 26 to a 31, going up substantially in every subject.]

1290 to a 1420

Being the oldest in the family and just starting out with the college process, I was not sure what to expect with Mr. Paris. However, just after one session with him, I felt significantly more confident in my abilities to take the SAT. Throughout the rest of our Skype calls, he explained the answers clearly and effectively, even when dealing with a very stubborn student like me! He was extremely helpful that my score went from 1290 to a 1420 in a few short months. I couldn’t have asked for a better tutor!!

-- G


Ben was super helpful in pinpointing the exact areas where I needed help. He gave me great insight and strategies to analyze the reading questions (my weakest area), and I went from missing 5 or 6 reading questions on practice tests, to missing none on the real test. With his coaching, I was able to score a 1590 SAT my first time! I would definitely recommend working with him.



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